After being ordained as a minister of religion, working among the homeless in London, then entering primary education for fifteen years, I am now enjoying bringing together my skills and passion in 'Pipilika' -  touches of grace.   It is as though everything so far was leading me to this point - it certainly feels like a fulfiment of my vocational calling.


My interest in healing goes back a long way.  My father was disabled by a stroke at a young age.  When I prayed for his recovery and it didn't happen, people from our church urged me to accept God's will.  I didn't understand thi because I had heard so many Bible stories of Jesus healing people.


This led me on a search.  I read widely, gaining a Master's degree in Theology & Religious Studies, and entered the ministry.  Yet though drawn to healing, the methods and conditional beliefs employed left me feeling uncomfortable.


Years later I read Eric Pearl's book and was compelled by his story.  Eric claimed that healing was not a gift only for a few, but something everyone could access through these newly available frequencies. I was curious and booked a session with a local practitioner which had unexpected amazing results.   I received healing of a medical condition from which I have had no further symptoms.  Read my healing story.


I took this as confirmation that I had found something that felt right for me.  When I discovered that Eric Pearl was visiting London to conduct Practitioner training I signed up.


I wasn't disappointed.  What I witnessed was out of this world and convinced me without a shadow of a doubt that this energy spectrum is real and powerful.  Indeed I found in tangible form the elusive something I had long been searching for.  


I live in Cornwall, UK with my husband, teenage son and Roy the poodle, who often features in my videos.


Jill Brennan  

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