Jill Brennan is a Reconnective Healing® Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher and Soul Mentor specialising in using visualisation as a tool for transformation. An ex-ordained Christian minister, she is also a qualified teacher, having worked in education for over twenty years as a primary teacher, published author and RE Consultant specialising in the use of mindfulness and visualisation for the Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural development of children. Having written her thesis on the universality of mystical experience, her interest in the link between the science of consciousness and mysticism continues, and she is keen to develop techniques for exploration of inner worlds and inter-dimensional expansion.  She is influenced by the work and writings of C G Jung, Teilhard de Chardin and Tom Campbell.


She continues to create resources for use in school to promote using visualisation as a  pedagogic tool for and deeper learning and mental & emotional wellbeing.




Jill Brennan  

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