Pipilika is a sanskrit word literally meaning ‘ant’, often used to describe a tingle or light touch.   It refers to a subtle touch of divine energy that can be experienced during a time of stillness, enlightenment or mystical experience, so I thought it was a perfect name for my ASMR channel.  



What is ASMR?



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ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a subtle yet tangible sensation that begins in the crown of the head and can work its way down the spine and limbs.  People find the sensation soothing and relaxing.  This response is triggered upon stimulus such as certain sounds, soft speaking or whispering, and upon watching others making movements.



I began creating spiritually-themed content for my You Tube channel 'Pipilika ASMR' in 2016. I hope these videos help you find some space to relax, slow the pace of life and touch base with your inner world.    


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