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Reconnective Healing® was discovered and developed by Dr Eric Pearl in the early 1990's when he was working as a chiropractor in Los Angeles.  His patients began reporting miraculous healings from cancers, epilepsy, cerebral palsy and other severe health conditions, simply when Dr Pearl held his hands near them.  The full story be found in his book 'The Reconnection: Heal others - heal yourself' which is a New York Times best seller in thirty nine countries.


Today Dr Pearl is upheld as a pioneer in the field of energy medicine and quantum healthcare.  He is invited to give talks in hospitals and universities worldwide and has presented to the United Nations.


Reconnective Healing will bring you back into balance, creating optimal conditions whereby illnesses and dysfunctions often fall away. The effects of Reconnective Healing are many and varied.  Although there can be no guarantees, remarkable physical healings have been know whereby no trace of the former illness can be found on medical examination, or whereby symptoms have improved signficantly.    For example, people with conditions such as epilepsy,  chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis,, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, heart disease, asthma, cerebral palsy and many other severe afflictions have been helped by Reconnective Healing.  In my experience it is especially effective where an injury is recent.  


Healing can also take place on a mental and emotional level, taking many forms, such as release of limiting beliefs, anxiety and depression.  A healing may manifest as  greater insight and clarity into difficult situations, improved relationships and greater confidence to move forward in life.

On a spiritual level, Reconnective Healing connects us with the essence of who we are, bringing us back into alignment with Source.


"Reconnective Healing practitioners can 'produce' a wave, or more specificaly a bandwidth of frequency waves that literally affect the DNA of living things in a powerful and healing fashion,"  


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Dr Pearl, the founder of Reconndective Healing is considered a pioneer in the field of energy medicine and quantum healthcare.


His book 'The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself' is an international bestseller in thirty-nine countries.

Reconnective Healing is a 'hands off' form of healing that functions within a spectrum of energy, light and information. During a session the practioner feels indicators in their hands as they glide their hands above the person's body. As they do so they look for corresponding 'registers' in the person.  Hence facilitating an interactive relationship between  practitioner,  client and Source Energy.   When we interact with the Reconnective Healing frequencies we vibrate at a much higher frequency.  In these conditions, things that are of a lower frequency and thereby do not match this (illness, stress, imbalance) simply fall away.  


Laboratory experiments have shown that when human DNA is exposed to Reconnective Healing frequencies, it repairs and restructures itself into a more harmonic state.   Indeed, Reconnective Healing acutually speeds up the restructuring of damaged DNA faster than any energy healing technique.  We also know that when healings do occur they tend to be spontaneous and lasting.

"What I've come to recognise is that this is healing in a very different sense than what we have been taught to perceive, understand, or even believe or accept.  This healing is an evolutionary process brought into existence through 'co-creation' at the highest vibrational interaction with the Universe  I have come to believe that it is truly about the restructuring of our DNA, even though I was hesitant to say this at first.  When we move into the transsensory (beyond our five basic senses) we move into a realm of co-existence with an energy and presence beyond what we have known before."


Dr Eric Pearl

The Reconnection: Heal Others - Heal Yourselves

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Dr Gary Schwartz Phd


Reconnective Healing®Foundational Practitioner

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What the scientists say

Incredible as it may sound, you do not need to attend an appointment in person to receive a healing.  Operating within a quantum field outside of time and space, Reconnective Healing frequencies can bring about change remotely and people located hundreds, even thousands of miles away indeed often report sensations of 'electrical' prickles or tingling in their bodies during a distance healing session.  Therefore it matters not whether we are inside the same building, the same town, or even the same continent.  In fact the majority of my sessions are facilitated remotely using an interactive medium such as Skype.

Once you have made a booking, I will ask you to find me on Skype, Messenger or WhatsApp where my user name is Jill Brennan (For Skype I use the email address [email protected]).   Please allow around thirty minutes for your session.  We will leave the video link open, but I suggest you lie down if possible to feel completely relaxed.  I do not need to see you if you feel self-conscious about this.   You can turn the camera away.   Just make sure you can hear my voice when I call your name to talk to you again at the end of the session.


Please bear in mind this is not treatment or therapy,  it's healing.   There's no obigation to pre-buy a package (although I have included an option for this upon request).  You may just wish to try a 'one-off' session to feel the frequencies.  That's OK.  ,  Eric Pearl & The Reconnection recommend no more than three consecutive sessions and I prefer to leave  a space of at least a week before scheduling the next session to allow for observation of changes.  



Does Reconnective healing really work remotely?



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Schedule a session

Monday & Wednesday between 09:00 and 15:00

Please contact Jill to schedule a session time by email.

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Session lasts 30 minutes.

Please make payment in advance of the session.

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What to expect

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If you are interested in finding out more about Reconnective Healing training offered by Eric Pearl & Jillian Fleer, either for your personal use with family and friends, or maybe even to become a practitioner yourself, please take a look at the packages on offer by following this link...







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