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The charge for a Reconnective Healing®  session is £45.00



Please bear in mind this is not treatment or therapy - it's healing.  There's no session package, no pre-buying or mandated follow up.  You are not obliged to make another appointment for a 'top up' further down the line.  


Indeed I would encourage you to allow some time (at least a month) for the healing to unfold.  You may then choose to schedule a second session if you feel you want to.  


The Reconnection® recommends no more that three successive sessions of Reconnective Healing®.  However, you may always decide to return at a later stage in your life as new situations arise.


If you would like to receive Reconnective Healing and are unable to pay the stated fees, please contact me.  No-one will be refused on the grounds of finances.


Please contact me to schedule your appointment before paying.   Payment is due at the beginning of each session.




The advantage of this is that you can remain in the comfort of your own home where you feel most relaxed and sit or lie down on your own bed or sofa.  If you are able to download Skype on your PC or laptop we can connect this way.   I like to do this as it is always nice to talk with people face to face.  Otherwise we can speak on the phone before and after the session.


Please phone or email a quick message to let me know you would like to schedule a session.  Alternatively you can submit a message using the form on the Contact page.

Incredible as it may sound, you do not need to attend an appointment in person to receive a healing.  Operating within a quantum field outside of time and space, Reconnective Healing frequencies can bring about change remotely and people located hundreds, even thousands of miles away indeed often report sensations of 'electrical' prickles or tingling in their bodies during a distance healing session.  Therefore it matters not whether we are inside the same building, the same town, or even the same continent.  In fact the majority of my sessions are facilitated remotely using an interactive medium such as Skype.

Reconnective Healing® SESSIONs

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