SOUL Mentoring

In depth psychology the process of individuation is essentially about finding wholeness through being your authentic self.  It has taken me a number of years to learn to do this, and I had to distance myself from previous deeply-ingrained belief systems to give myself permission and freedom to explore without self-judgeent.   But I can honestly say I  feel happier than ever before, and I owe this largely to teachings of Carl Jung about the process of INDIVIDUATION.  


This makes so much sense, and all those missing pieces suddenly fall into place.


I want to share and pass on what I have learned, and support you in your own liberating journey of individuation.


To this end I have compiled a programme of practical spiritual direction.  In my online course 'HOW TO BE WHOLE' - the Gospel According To Carl Jung, I  support you in taking the leap of faith to follow the call of your own soul, and learn how to integrate the fragmented parts of yourself within the context of the essential spiritual truths at the heart of Jesus' teaching; love, compassion and forgiveness.  Find out more...

How to Be Whole