"I was sceptical when Jill told me about her Reconnective Healing work, but curious at the same time. I had been suffering with back pain all day and Jill offered to do distance healing for me that evening.  At the agreed time I lay on the bed waiting - not really knowing what to expect.  Lol!  First I got tingling in my feet, then warmth spreading up through my spine and into the back of my head.  Real heat, soothing heat.  I felt very comfortable after being in pain all day at work, and paracetemol making no difference!  This warm feeling stayed with me and I had no return of pain or even discomfort for the rest of the weekend.  WOW!"

"My son strained a ligament in his leg while playing football, causing him to walk with a limp for a few days.  it didn't seem to be easing.  When Jill began to do Reconnective Healing on him it was corrected instantly.  The funny thing was, Jill had her hands over his right shoulder when he reached down to his left calf, saying he felt something move there.  I don't know how this all works, but it seems to.  It certainly did the trick anyway.    He was soon running around as though nothing was wrong."

Thomas, Cornwall, UK

Rhian, Swansea, UK

Michaela, Wakefield, UK

Alexandra, London, UK


"I had pain in my back and joints following chemotherapy.  I have known Jill for many years, and although I didn't know much about Reconnective Healing, I trusted her judgement and was willing to give it a try.  I turned the TV off and sat quietly at home during the distance session.   It was strange as the first ten minutes my right foot twitched all the time.  When that stopped my right knee kept jumping.  I must say I don't have the severe pain all the time - it's gradually easing.  I'm thrilled about that.


My second session a week later was equally interesting.  My feet felt so warm and my right leg kept moving.  I have little pain now and am keeping my fingers crossed it will all go."  


Ann, York, UK

“I was diagnosed with heart disease in 2012 and fitted with a defibrillator pace-maker.  I was closely monitored because of the irregular pulse in my left ventricle which was a cause of concern.  My daughter persuaded me to have Reconnective Healing after reading about it.  When Jill moved her hands over me I felt light tingling sensations down my arms, and they felt heavy.  I also felt heat on my upper body. I found the experience so relaxing I fell asleep!  At my next hospital check-up there was good news.  The murmer had moved to the upper chamber (atrium) and they were very pleased about this because it was more normal and less of a threat.  Now they only want to see me every 6 months instead of every 3 months.  Although there is no proof, I am convinced that it was the Reconnective Healing that made the difference and I am delighted.”

Eileen, West Yorks, UK

Lucy, aged 8, UK

"Up until yesterday I'd needed nebulizers 2 or 3 times a day ... a ridiculous amount after having 6 weeks of steroids.  I went out for brunch yesterday ... a bit wheezy walking from the car to the cafe but was not too bad.  Since then ... not a wheeze or any breathlessness at all .... which is extraordinary when up until then I'd been breathless at the slightest exertion,  or even when resting. What's even weirder is that this happened the day after I stopped my  oral steroids and reverted to inhaled ones ...   which makes me think it's not the meds that fixed me .... must be the Reconnective Healing."


"I saw the consultant on Monday and he said he had no explanation for why the symptoms of my severe chronic asthma had improved so suddenly.  I didn't mention about the Reconnective Healing because I myself work within the medical profession.  I wish I had now!"

"My daughter kept getting infected tonsils.  She was waiting to have her tonsils removed but got tonsilitis again and was feeling really poorly.   The GP had prescribed antibiotics.  I used to work with JIll when she was a teacher, and she offered to do distance healing for Lucy.  The session began at 9am.   Lucy was still lying in bed and I watched over her.  Afterwards she told me she felt very relaxed.  By 10am she was offering to do jobs, which is not unusual for her, but up till then she had been so lethargic.  It can’t be coincidence can it?  At lunchtime she ate all her lunch then wanted to go shopping to spend her book token.  Just after tea (which she ate) she asked if she could go to her swimming club.  I said no but she practically begged me so I took her.  When we got back at 8 she ate all her supper and honestly seemed back to her normal self.  I’m thrilled.  She’s going to go back to school tomorrow."

I had a distance healing session with Jill, which was an amazing experience.  The first 10 minutes my eyelids were relentlessly twitching and the fingers of both hands were moving a lot.  At times I felt such a strong energy wave, that the eye lid movements culminated into an intense shake of my upper body.  (When I usually lay down to relax I never experience any involuntary movements, so this was noticeably different).   I was strongly aware of the presence of an energy connection which was very definite and real.  


I then had a sensation of ‘fluid’ energy spreading into all directions inside my body, which felt like ‘repairing’ (‘healing’) any imbalance and unevenness inside. Again, this was a very noticeable sensation.  It was accompanied by a relaxing body sensation of pure weightlessness.  I felt like floating in space…


During and after my session I felt so calm and reconnected to my body.   It gave me a sense of trust that good things had started to come my way.


In the days to come I had a couple of very positive experiences regarding my current work search and it seemed as if the healing session had helped me to start shifting my energetic blockages.  Thank you Jill for helping me to move on!"



two months later...


"When I was made redundant at the end of December I was really quite down, but now I think it was all meant to be as my new job is so much better than my last one!"

"I asked Jill to deliver a distance heaing session for my mum who had considerable  arthritic pain in her wrist while we were away on holiday,  to the point where she was unable to use it anyore and had to wear a bandage for support.  We were spending time staying in at the rental cottage instead of getting out and about as she just didn't feel up to it.  I phoned Jill and was pleased when she agreed to schedue a distance session the same day.  During the session Mum said she felt a great deal of tingling in her wrist and forearm.  The next day her pain had significantly decreased and within tow days her wrist was completely pain free.  She was able to enjoy the rest of her holiday without discomfort - no bandage required.  This is not the first time Jill has given distance healing to Mum - each time she has felt considerable relief.  Thank you Jill... your healing powers are truly amazing."

Beverley, Leeds, UK

"After reading Eric Pearl's book 'The Reconnection' I was keen to experience

the healing frequencies for myself, in particular to help my wife and I with a major transitional stage in our lives involving relocation.   There are a number of obstacles to overcomeand we just need a bit of help with this to open doors and make it all go smoothly.

I found Jill through the Reconnection official directory on their website.  I phoned Jill to make an appointment, which was scheduled for two days later. What is incredible is that even before my distance healing session began i had a healing - just from talking with her on the phone!    For forty years I had suffered with hayfever and it was always particuarly bad at this time of year (June).  When I woke up the next morning I noticed that I had no symptoms at all and this is very unusual for me. This was totally unexpected and gave me hope and confidence that the Reconnective Healing frequenciees really are powerful  even at a distance.  During my first session I felt deeply relaxed - my hands and arms felt numb and heavy andI saw a purple light behind my eyes.  I was so impressed that I could feel physical sensations despite the fact that I was in France and Jill was across the channel in England!  I wanted to book a second session but Jill suggested I leave it a while and allow some time for the healing to unfold, so I am going to leave a month between.  I certainly feel that I have much more energy than 1 before  I was up on the roof fixing repairs whereas before I just felt overwhielmed by all the jobs that had to be done.  More significantly I have been offered five weeks' work in the UK. I'm 71 years old - this just doesn't happen to me!  I'm thrilled because it's all helping with the relocation process, which is what is our main concern right now."


Peter, St Thomas de Conac,


Pippa was walking on crutches following an ankle sprain during a ballet class.  Her father told me it was an old injury that flared up every now and then.    He agreed to give Reconnective Heaing a try.  So while Pippa sat watching TV, her little brother playing noisily with Lego at her side, I moved my hands around over the area of her injury.  "How are you doing that?" she squealed in amazement, a few moments later.  She explained she could something moving, like a 'little tickle' inside her ankle.  Later that evening her father sent me a text message saying Pippa had no more pain and was walking with ease and comfort... and NO CRUTCHES!

Pippa, Aged 8

I strained my back lifting a heavy object.  It was an old injury for which I would normally pay a visit to my chiropractor. However, I had moved house and his treatment rooms were 400 miles away.  instead I had a healing session with Jill.  It was painful and I wanted some relief quickly.  When the session began my lower back felt cold - almost icy cold. Then it felt as though it was being stretched. Other than that I just felt a few light tingles.  When I stood up after the session I knew it felt a bit better  immediately.  That night I slept comfortably, (which I hadn't done the night before despite taking Ibuprofen)  Over the next few days it continued to improve till I was back to normal.

Noel, Cornwall

"I was waiting for a knee brace because

my knee kept seizing up and I couldn't walk

without pain.  Jill sat next to me and began

healing. Within minutes  I could feel heat

moving up from my ankle to my knee. My

foot started shaking so much

my slipper fell off.  We laughed.  I said

I certainly wasn't moving it.  That night

I slept right through the night

which I hadn't done for years."

"For the first time in my life, following your words led me to another world in my mind.  I'm amazed and feel so strongly loved.  I didn't even know my mind could be so powerful in imagination and colour.  So beautiful.  I can't thank you enough.  The feeling I have right now is just beautiful."